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Campus Renovations Remain on Schedule

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On Feb. 16, the power in Marwick Boyd was cut off to allow the electrical contractor on the Tippin project to initiate a regular power service to Tippin. Prior to this, the power service was temporary in nature, said Leonard Cullo, the vice president for finance and administration. Since the renovation began in March 2018, work has been done throughout all facilities, as well as work on the construction of a new auxiliary gym, swimming locker rooms, weight room, entrance concourse and a new pool. All items are progressing on schedule, despite a few setbacks.

There were two areas that contractors encountered that have caused timing delays. When working on the pool, the ceiling was discovered to have a coating covering an unknown asbestos ceiling. The ceiling removal took longer than anticipated as the contractors had to properly abate the asbestos. The second issue was caused by the discovery of a coal seam in the area that was being excavated for the new pool. The contractors were required to excavate further to remove the coal and then backfill the excavated area.

The renovation is still scheduled to be completed by September of this year. Despite these setbacks, the contractors remain on schedule for a timely completion of the project. Included in the project plans are designs for four new wings, new locker rooms for the swimming pool and a natatorium. There are also plans for the creation of an auxiliary gym, a two-story weight lifting facility, and a combination swimming/diving pool. The basketball courts are designed to have a complete overhaul.

The renovation project was funded and designed by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services of the Commonwealth. The contractors for the project are, as described by the Clarion University website, “Mascaro Construction Company (General), Renick Brothers Mechanical Contractors (HVAC), Shipley Brothers Construction, Inc. (Plumbing) and Westmoreland Electric Services, LLC (Electrical).”


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