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Start Preparing for Life After College

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Making the decision to go to college is a big step for anyone who decides to take it. It is also a very beneficial step to help lead one down the career path that they hope to take one day. However, how do I make sure I am on the right path or doing everything to be successful in my field upon graduating? That, my friends, is when you should turn to the Center for Career and Professional Development to help guide you in all of your professional endeavors.

For those who have never heard of the Career and Professional Development center, it is located on the fourth floor of Becht Hall. This office serves all Clarion University students and alumni by connecting them with resources and opportunities to help them develop skills necessary to achieve their career goals. This office has a dedicated staff that is ready to help you at any stage of the game – whether it’s career research, gaining experience, job fairs, and much more. Just bring an attitude ready to focus and work and they can help you along in the process with ease.

It is never too early to start preparing for life after college. The Career Services Office wants to help all students, and the sooner one visits, the more they can prepare for life after college. Not sure how to start? That’s fine— just set up a meeting with the center’s staff and they will help ensure you have everything in line to be successful.

Resumes and cover letters are a must – each of us need to have one when going out in the professional field and the staff can help tailor yours to the needs of employers and jobs that you are seeking to obtain.

There are also several career events that take place throughout each semester to help students learn professional skills or attend job/internship fairs. These career events teach students everything from professional dress, interview skills, landing that first job, etc., and the best part is you hear it from professionals who were once in the same situation as you as a student. It is also a great opportunity to network with guest speakers, which can only help you in the professional world.

A program that has been really beneficial to students is the CU Mentor Program, which links students to alumni, employers, and professional partners to create a mentor-mentee relationship. The match is based on academic, geographic, personal and professional commonalities and can be informal (lasting 30 days) or formal, meaning the relationship lasts an entire academic year.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Check out the CUMentor page on Clarion’s website to learn more. If you aren’t sure where to start with anything career related, reach out to the Center for Career and Professional Development, and they will schedule an appointment with your career liaison and get you started down the path to success. The staff is here to help you succeed, so don’t be afraid to reach out and take that next step.


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