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What is all the buzz about the Social Equity Newsletter?

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The goal of social equity is to have an inclusive environment that is used to build its intellectual strength and excellence from the human, cultural and intellectual diversity of those who contribute. The Office of Social Equity promotes an environment of civility and common understanding to make Clarion University a great place to live, learn and develop. The Social Equity Newsletter is designed to highlight the events that the office and its partners have worked on to organize for Clarion University in both Clarion and on the Venango campus.

The newsletter is a part of the Strategic Equity Diversity Plan, which is put in place to inform students and faculty about upcoming events. In the fall semester of 2017, an Equity Eggs Scavenger Hunt was planned as one of the events for that semester. “Equity Eggs,” made from painted rocks, were hidden around the main campus, containing positive messages. The students could search for, find and post photos of the rocks on social media.

In the spring semester of 2018, the “eggs” were moved over to the Venango campus to ensure that the students over there got an equal opportunity to participate in the event. Another event was the second annual Lavender Graduation. This graduation served as a way to acknowledge those who attend Clarion University and identify as LGBT+ and/or allies.

Throughout the Strategic Equity Diversity Plan, there are six goals. The first goal focuses on institutional climate and inter- and intra-group relations, all in part to promote inclusivity. The second goal is recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce; this goal is in place to recruit and retain a diverse student body that reflects that Clarion University commitments to its students. The third goal is recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce; in order to fulfill the commitments to the students, it also carries over to the staff. The fourth goal that the plan is focused on is research and scholarship; the university will encourage research that reflects an appreciation of cultural and social differences. Goal number five is curriculum and pedagogy; this goal encourages the development of curriculum and pedagogy that supports trans-cultural and global competency. The final goal is diversity of university leadership; this will encourage diversity within the university leadership. The Strategic Equity Diversity Plan has these goals in place to assist with the overall goal social equity.

Check out the Social Equity Newsletter to stay in the loop with all of the upcoming events and find out how to assist with all of the goals.

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