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Clarion Farmers Market

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Clarion University

Existing for 25 years, Clarion’s Farmers Market has been a place for people to come and buy fresh produce and other products from local businesses. It is also a place to gather and socialize with friends who also come to the market.

Mia Gatto, senior speech pathology major said, “I love waking up early on Saturday mornings to head to the farmer’s market with my friends. I love knowing where my food has come from and that my money is going to local families instead of giant corporations we have here locally.”

Tara Burns, manager of Heritage Farm, has a booth that has been a part of the market for almost 18 years. Heritage Farm primarily produces pasture raised meats, such as chicken, turkey, pork, lamb and beef. All of their meat is GMO free, all natural and does not have any nitrates. They also sell eggs, pickles and salsas on the side. Burns also brings baked goods, jams and jellies occasionally.

Clarion’s market is described as Heritage Farm’s best farmers market. “This is a great community,” said Burns. “We have been at this market for almost 18 years, so we have really built up a reputation here for high-quality food.”

Many of the vendors have been here for years; however, there are a few newer vendors. Dream Sense Soaps, run by Tony Mennitti and Maria Smith, is one of the newer vendors. Wilcox Winery, another one of the newest vendors, has been coming down to the Clarion market from their Dubois location.

There are several vendors who sell fresh produce, such as the Young’s Farm, which is located in Emlenton, and Bendal’s Berry Patch, which is located in Fryburg.

Meat and fresh produce are not the only products sold at the market. An assortment of maple syrup products is sold by one vendor, along with a variety of jams. Another vendor sells honey. Stunning flowers are grown, arranged and sold by Young’s Farm, which has been coming to the market for about 20 years. One vendor sells baked goods, but their products will only be available at the market until Autumn Leaf Festival. Twig N Kootie, a mother-daughter nursery, specializes in fresh produce, dried herbs, tie dye and air plants. Katie, the owner, describes air plants as being perfect for offices or dorms, as they do not have roots and do not require much sunlight.

Located on Main Street beside the courthouse, the market runs every Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon. It will run until Oct. 27. During Autumn Leaf Festival, the market will relocate to 6th Avenue between Main and Wood Street behind the concession stands.

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