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CUPcakes opens at Clarion University

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Clarion University

On Thursday Sept. 6, CUPcakes had their official grand opening. This is a new bakery located under Eagle Commons on Arnold Avenue. This brand-new bakery offers a variety of baked goods from individual cookies and muffins to special orders of cakes, pies and loaves of bread. There are also specialty drinks including milkshakes, smoothies and teas; some of which are only available at CUPcakes. At the grand opening was Jeff Mactarggart and Kelly Dungan, both employees for Compass Group USA; the company affiliated with Clarion Universities food service and its employment.

Jeff and Kelly were posed the question: Why a bakery? Mactarggart responded, “Why not?” followed with, “Commons was always receiving bakery orders and it was beneficial to use the space.” Dungan added on by saying that CUPcakes will offer things that students and faculty “can’t find anywhere else in town or on campus.”

The grand opening event was open to the entire community and was rather busy. The bakery staff showed off the baked good available for purchase and special order. The drink menus were displayed above the register. This opening marked the sixth eatery available on campus. Out of the many students at the opening, Haley Lank, a
sophomore at Clarion, gave us her opinion on this new addition, saying, “it is a good idea and offers more options.” She also agreed to the notion that the gluten free options are not only good but also necessary options to add to dining areas that the campus already had.

Liz Pelesko, a student at Clarion University, is credited with naming the bakery last semester after winning the competition to do so. Many students are familiar with the Carlson Café in the library on campus, but this new bakery is completely different and its own entity. It offers similar drinks but also an entire expansive menu that reaches
beyond what is offered at the café. The bakery is also expected to add gluten free options shorty to better accommodate the dietary restrictions of students and staff.

The bakery is currently open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. but is expecting to be able to increase hours depending on business. The facility is also looking to hire students available between the hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. during the week. CUPcakes can be expected to be well liked and successful as a business here at Clarion University.

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