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Ferringer’s Journey from Berry to Griffin

Cranberry High School senior Ava Ferringer signs a letter of intent to play volleyball for Westminster College. Pictured with her are her mother and father (at left), Monica and Jay Ferringer, and (at right) Coach Corey McGill.

Student contributor

Ava Ferringer, a current Cranberry High School senior, is a formidable athlete, and as of today, she has signed a letter of intent with Westminster College to play volleyball, exchanging her berry uniform for a Griffin’s.

Ferringer has greatly appreciated her sports journey here at Cranberry, and although she has had to overcome a shoulder injury to progress to where she is today, Ferringer has been able to regain confidence in her abilities and succeed.

“You never know when it will be your last game, practice, or workout. Never let yourself settle and push yourself always. This is the only way to grow as a person and an athlete,” Ferringer said.

Ferringer has developed fond memories with her teammates, and one of her favorite parts of her sports journey at Cranberry has been the involvement and encouragement of her coaches and Cranberry’s faculty members. She believes “the great students and teammates that Cranberry athletics has is a kind that is unmatched.”

Some of her notable accomplishments include starting as a varsity player in her freshman year in both basketball and volleyball; receiving the All KSAC 3rd Team award for volleyball in her sophomore year; the All KSAC and District 1st Team awards for volleyball in her junior year; the All KSAC 1st Team award for volleyball in her senior year; and the All KSAC 1st Team award for basketball during her junior year.

“Always give it 100 percent in anything you do,” Ferringer explained.

While at Westminster College, she will be earning a degree in Secondary Education Math while playing volleyball. She hopes to assist her team at Westminster in eventually winning the PAC championship once more.

Ferringer is elated and grateful for the opportunity to better her volleyball skills, forge connections with new friends and teammates, and experience her beloved sport at a new level of competitiveness. Regardless of the tribulations the future holds, she is eager to see where this road will take her in the following years.


Alaina Olson is a student at Cranberry High School and a member of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications class.

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