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Cranberry Scouts Soar to Eagle Status

Bo Myers, a graduating senior from Cranberry High School, earns Eagle Scout. (Photo contributed by Melissa Riley)

Garret Riley, a graduating senior from Cranberry High School, earns Eagle Scout by completing two community projects in Rouseville. (photo of Garret taken by Jody Chittester; project pictures contributed by Beth Emick)


Student contributor

Recently, two seniors at Cranberry High School, Bo Myers and Garret Riley, received their Eagle Scout due to their hard work and dedication to bettering local communities.

Myers earned his Eagle Scout by building two dugout-style benches at the Fertigs Community Center. The idea for this project originally stemmed from Myers’s time playing baseball at the community field. There was simply nowhere to sit, and Myers made the choice to positively impact his community by fixing this problem.

Myers stated, “It feels great to help the community; it’s a pleasure to do something to help others.”

As for Riley, he chose to build a picnic table that is handicap accessible at the Rouseville Community Center and a “Welcome to Rouseville” sign for his project. Riley hopes that these creations will “inspire kids to join BSA” and “help build up the community.”

“It gives people a place to sit, have a picnic, and watch their children, and the sign makes the people have pride in their community and welcomes new visitors to the town,” Riley said.


Alaina Olson is a student at Cranberry High School and a member of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications class.

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