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Annual Cranberry Cookout

cookout 5: Students move through the line to get their meals Friday, May 21, at Cranberry High School’s annual cookout. (By Gabe Dresbach/Student contributor)

Cranberry High School Vice Principal Shawn Deemer prepares hamburgers and hot dogs Friday, May 21, for close to 500 students at the school’s annual cookout. (By Gillian White/Student contributor)

Student contributor

A Cranberry High School tradition was “well-done” Friday, May 21. An annual end-of-the-year cookout couldn’t have been on a better summer-like day filled with students smiling and laughing together.

“It was cool to eat outside on such a nice day,” said 10th grader Aliah Kay.

The menu for the cookout consisted of hamburgers and hotdogs, prepared by Cranberry’s Principal Ritt Smith and Vice Principal Shawn Deemer. Students were also served a side of chips, macaroni salad, baked beans, lemonade, and a brownie for dessert.

When asked how he felt about cooking for 500 students, Smith said, “It was nice after the year we had to sit down together and enjoy a meal.”

After the students were done eating, they could play yard games like frisbee or cornhole.

Speaking for many of her peers, Hannah Neiderriter said, “I wish we could have more days like this.”

The cookout is an event that signals the end of the school year. It is something that all Cranberry students look forward to and were glad to experience after the harsh year due to Covid-19.

Cranberry’s student council greeted students and staff with leis, which Heather Motter, student council adviser, helped distribute. (By Ava Fischer/Student contributor)

Students had a fun time during summer spirit day, which included wearing summer attire, receiving leis, and having a cookout. (By Gabe Dresbach/Student contributor)

A student gets a freshly grilled burger during Cranberry’s cookout. (By Gabe Dresbach/Student contributor)

Gillian White, Ava Fischer, and Gabe Dresbach are students at Cranberry High School and members of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications class.

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