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Bell’s Silver Success

Cranberry High School junior Hayden Bell wears the medals he earned from the 2021 Junior Olympics. (By Logan Richar/Student contributor)

Student contributor

Hayden Bell, a junior at Cranberry High School, recently attended the 2021 PA High School Air Rifle Championship, snagging 2nd overall, as well as first place for the boys’ division.

Prior to this event, Bell has competed in numerous matches, including three High School Air Rifle Championships. Despite lost practice time and changing circumstances due to the pandemic, Bell has continued to perform exceptionally well.

Bell stated, “The only challenges that I have personally faced due to COVID are that I have had quite a few practices and other matches taken away and that I have to wear a mask at some competitions, but it’s not too bad.”

Bell triumphed over his third-place competitor by a close one point and fell only two points short of his first-place goal.

“I was overall fairly happy with my performance,” Bell explained when asked about his thoughts on his recent success.

Bell’s silver medals from the competition (By Gillian White/Student contributor)


Audrey Frazier, Logan Richar, and Gillian White are students at Cranberry High School and members of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications class.

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