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A Natural Escape

Hunter Redfield, a junior student at Cranberry High School

Cranberry Chronicles staff report

Cranberry Chronicles has a new columnist! Welcome Hunter Redfield, a junior student at Cranberry High School, who is new to journalism this year.

Hunter is an avid hunter and fisherman and is passionate about being in the outdoors.

“I find my passion not from just being in the outdoors but from just how amazing it can be, the brutality and yet the sheer beauty of it. Also the way a trout stream can cleanse your mind but challenge it all at the same time. That is where I get my passion,” Redfield said.

His column is called “A Natural Escape” and can be found on our Cranberry Chronicles online newspaper. Here is a sample excerpt of his first post called “The Island of Few Words”:

My favorite day of fishing didn’t come from one of the 50 days I fished over the summer, but rather the weekend just beforehand. The weekend when we put 25 and a half miles on our feet in a desperate attempt to catch fish.

It all varied from walking for what seemed like days up the valley, to sneaking through a cow pasture without being trampled, and eventually making our way to the river. Learning about a new stream, and then deciding against fishing it, and walking half a mile to fish a different one.

The end of those days left us walking down the interstate after we decided to quit fishing, only to go back to camp, eat something and go fishing again. We would drag chairs into the tent to stay off the wet ground while we slept and constantly waking up throughout the night to the radio playing, or stoking the fire and watching the smoke slowly trickle into the haze of fog that filled the valley.

To read more, visit Redfield’s column “A Natural Escape” on Cranberry High School’s online newspaper, Cranberry Chronicles

Hunter Redfield, a junior student at Cranberry High School



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