To enter the contest, enter your name in the field below, then choose the team that you think will win each of the match ups. In the very last text box, enter the total points for both teams in the game 5. Please see the complete rules at the bottom of this page.

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1. Each game has a number before it. Enter the team you believe will win that game on the corresponding line of the official entry form.

2. Entry with the most correct picks will win.

3. Tie-Breaker. Enter the total number of points you think Game 5 teams will score and mark that amount in the space on the entry form. In the event two or more entries have the same number of team wins, the tie-breaker points will determine the winner. If the contest goes to a tie-breaker and none of the finalists chose the exact number of tie-breaker points, there will be no winner declared and the prize money will be added to the following week�s cash winnings. In the event 2 or more correct entries have the same number of team wins and have chosen the exact tie-breaker point total, the final winner will be determined by a random drawing.

4. Only one entry per person, per week will be accepted.

5. Participants can enter online at or by mailing/dropping off the official entry form from this page to the Clarion News, 860 South 5th Ave., Suite 4, Clarion, Pa 16214. Entries must be postmarked or delivered by noon on Fridays to be eligible. Winners will be announced in the Clarion News on Thursdays following the games.

6. Prize must be picked up at the Clarion News office within 30 days of the contest week, with photo ID.

7. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older.

8. The decision of the contest manager is final. Employees of Western Pennsylvania Newspaper Co. and their families are not eligible to participate.